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For professionals, manufacturers and merchants, the Papailias Construction not only offers a new range of advanced construction products, but also free seminars on training on new building technologies. These seminars will be held regularly, at conference of the company. Manufacturers will receive a mastery of the technical characteristics, properties and behavior of new insulation and building materials, useful tips on how to load and installation of company products while out and live demonstrations of building systems.

The manufacturers and other professionals will be able to purchase from the Company the following:

Processed reinforcing steel (for reinforcing columns and beams) in coil form, formed with the robotic system “SPIRA”. This system offers savings of up to 35% compared with conventional connectors weapons, while the sale is both small and large quantities, depending on your needs.

– The advanced thermal system repair “Thermopak” which includes two innovative products. Initially, the thermal slate roof for the effective protection and roof insulation of buildings. The second product thermal tiles Thermoprosopsis is the facade insulation boards to protect the exterior walls of a building, to cover any damages and renewal of the external appearance.

– The innovative insulating building system “Thermoblocks” involving two construction products. Initially, the block interior wall to interior wall construction, separation of spaces of a building and the rapid construction of support buildings (eg garages). Then theblock reinforced wall construction exterior walls for filling concrete walls or metal and expansion-creating new spaces of a building.

– Thermal surfaces of any insulating material, the dimensions and specifications desired by the customer.

– Thermal panels from any insulating material to size, density and thickness desired by the customer.