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Thermal Tile Thermoprosopsis TSP

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What is it?

The thermal tiles Thermoprosopsis are an integrated system of external insulation and is the most advanced solution for the energy upgrade of a building. They placed on the border, on the outer walls of the building and eliminates thermal bridges (diodes loss temperature in the outer shell of the structure) that usually occur in the compounds of structural elements (beams and intersection points union windows) and the corners of the structures. This innovative technology ensures sound and thermal insulation 60% more than conventional construction, and prevent mold and other microorganisms.

Where are used?

The thermal tiles Thermoprosopsis of our company used:

a) Insulation, ensures excellent heat and sound insulation of the exterior walls of any new construction.

b) Repairing, on energy upgrade (A+) of existing buildings.

c) Aesthetically, to cover defects and damage that the time has brought.

d) Decorative, renewing the facade of the building.

e) Restorer, to cover eventual losses and protect the external walls.


The thermal tiles Thermoprosopsis made of 5cm. graphite insulation Neopor EPS 100 and 2.5 cm integrated fiber-reinforced cement. Available in size 25 x 50cm.

Unique Advantages

The innovative construction of the thermal tiles Thermoprosopsis Thermopak System of Papailias Construction are an exclusive patent for the construction industry. These products stand out from the rest as external thermal insulation solutions:

– Made from the revolutionary material Neopor, which offers improved thermal performance compared to conventional insulating materials.

– Provides complete protection of the building materials of the outer wall.

– Their base is specifically configured with channels which allow the passage of air, helping to ventilation and renewal of the air in the building walls. The air passing between the insulation boards and the external masonry works as an additional heat insulating layer, increasing the total insulation of the building.

– The channels at the base also provide optimal traction on the outer masonry construction and stability.

– Is a sleek, easy and affordable product, which does not require plastering and painting like the others external insulation market, offering time saving considerably reduce the cost, but also avoid suffering and imperfections of all sorts of odd jobs.

– Their placement is carried out in half the time than any other method of external insulation, regardless of weather conditions.

Placement Procedure

The placement procedure of thermal tiles facade of our company is simple and can be made by any craftsman (slabs or marble) with basic construction knowledge. No preparation is required on the wall, the placement is simple and clean (leaves no residual muds and construction) and requires only a strong adhesive insulating material. In places where that wall has serious damage and wear, it is possible and engineering support with stainless steel plugs.