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The Papailias Construction offers a range of reliable, innovative and cost-effective repair and construction solutions that are geared towards the energy self-sufficiency and cost of your building. More specifically, through the sophisticated building systems and using new generation insulators can:

– To construct entirely new, energy house that offers seismic, security, aesthetics and above all, energy saving up to 60% compared with a conventional construction.

– To manufacture any original construction (home garden, garage, home for children, etc.), which is an energy, durable and can be completed in a short period of time, hassle, dirt and inconvenience.

– To separate the areas of an existing structure (eg separation room) through an innovative building system internal walls, installed and removed easily and is totally seismic.

– To expand an existing structure through a strong, energy building system, which allows you to add new sites, increasing the size and capacity building.

– To upgrade energy and aesthetically an existing residence, significantly reducing the cost of heating and cooling (up to 60%!).

– To repair and cover damage to the roof and exterior walls, giving the building a strong insulation, anticipating further damage and shield for outdoor building materials.

– Replace conventional masonry filling the newly built steel structures and construction that is still under construction, with a strong exterior walls with high insulation levels and high durability and strength, with a cost 50% less than conventional masonry (brick, plaster ).

Repair – Build – Insulate: all this could be done by the customer himself, if possible, with our guidance and always having as our raw material products.