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The Papailias Construction specializes in the manufacture and sale of a number of new repair and construction of high quality products that stand for quality, aesthetics, safety and energy economy. More specifically offer the following services.

Retailing services to Individuals

– Construction of new energy buildings with thermal insulation system “Thermoblocks.”

– Energy upgrading of existing buildings by insulating roof tiles “Thermopak” (roof).

– Energy upgrading of existing buildings with insulation boards facade “Thermopak” (front).

Wholesale Services to Professionals:

– Sale of wrought iron, formed with the robotic system “SPIRA”.

– Sale of insulating construction system “Thermoblocks”, and free providing expertise on the installation.

– Sale of insulation sidewalks “Thermopak”, and free providing expertise for the perfect installation.

– Supply, Cutting and Sell insulating surfaces with the specifications and the thickness of insulation required by the customer, using high-tech machines of Italian company Schnell.

– Manufacture and sale of insulation boards of the insulating material of your choice on size, material density and thickness you desire.




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