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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our company, through innovative products and services that offers, produces benefits at three levels: the economy, society and the environment.

Regarding the economy, with new methods of construction and insulation which our company suggests, significantly reduced energycosts (heating fuel), maintenance costs, and the cost of constructing a new building. Additionally, limited loss and wasting energy whilethrough new products, reviving the construction industry and create new job opportunities.

Then, on a social level, through free seminars that our company offers, the manufacturers and artisans acquire knowledge on newmaterials and innovative manufacturing and repair technologies. On the other hand, new building products improve the quality of life ofconsumers. The consumer can upgrade energy domiciled, reducing its operating costs and the stress brought about by such payment.Greek citizens also may now easily meet the housing needs by constructing an energy house with the thermal system “Thermoblocks” athalf the cost compared to a conventional building.

Finally, through the effective insulation, significantly reduces energy consumption and therefore reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide and other pollutants. In this way, the new building technologies of Papailias Construction company, contributes to the protection andsustainability of the environment.




Corporate Social Responsibility