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Building Block Exterior Wall BSP with NEOPOR

bsp-graf1_rsWhat is it?

The structural thermal blocks SP25 of Thermopak System reinforced (baton) wall is an innovative thermal building material for the construction of the external wall of a building. It is based on Thermoblocks technology, which is one of the more efficient and effective building systems energy savings in modern times. The structural thermal block SP25 ensures energy saving 60% greater than in a conventional structure, while the materials used to prevent microbial growth and repelling insects. It is a durable, rugged (earthquake), fast and economical solution for the construction of external walls.

Where is used?

The structural thermal blocks SP25 used for:

– To build exterior walls DOUBLE THERMOPROSOPSIS (inside – outside) with coeff. Temp. conductivity l0,031

– For the construction of the entire external wall of a new building.

– For the extension of existing buildings (creating new spaces and rooms).

– For fast and robust construction exteriors.

– A wall filler for metal structures or structures that are under construction.



Dimensions: 25 x 26 x 50 cm.

The structural thermal block SP25 is manufactured with technology “Thermoblocks” and consist externally of 2,5 cm integrated fiber-reinforced cement 2-sided (2.5 cm at its front end and 2.5 cm at the rear). Inside contains 2 layers of 6cm. insulation EPS 120 blue self extinguishing (6ek. + 6m.), and between the two insulating layers placed 9m. reinforced grained concrete. Their total thickness is 26cm.

Unique Advantages

The structural insulating blocks SP25 is a unique innovation in the construction industry and is available exclusively from Papailias Construction. The reasons that make the structural insulating blocks SP25 apart from other building systems are:

– Ensures heat and sound insulation which is 60% larger and more efficient than conventional construction with bricks (energy saving 60% +).

– Provides double strength, durability and earthquake resistance of a conventional construction (more security).

– 50% saving construction time.

– 50% less cost than that of a conventional construction and does not require plastering, sanding, painting, cement rings and other odd jobs, which are necessary in a building of brick or alpha block. Additionally, since the structural insulating blocks SP25 considered prefabricated construction, the customer need not pay IKA stamps work!

– The structural insulated block SP25 wholly manufactured at the company and are transferred to the construction site, which place no mess, hassle and inconvenience.

– The ergonomic size of structural insulating blocks SP25, allows transport even in the most inaccessible areas, and because of the intelligent system installation as the final construction is well without errors, flaws and failures.

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Placement Procedure

For the mounting of thermal bricks requires a concrete base. The process is simple, fast and effective. Initially, a drill opened periodically holes around the base where the Thermoblocks placed. Then placed in the holes, standing steel bars of one meter. Followed by the placement of building blocks insulating SP25, which pass through the bars and are configured so as to blend – “snap” together (as Lego), creating a single, robust construction. Then put new steel bars and thermal insulation bricks filled with concrete. Each series of thermal insulation bricks that placed is supported by another horizontal steel beam. Followed a similar procedure, leaving the necessary space for the projected frames (doors-windows) until the wall was erected. Integrated construction is twice as robust and durable than a conventional construction with bricks.

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